Adolf Hitler

After years thinking he was dead

new research suggests he may be

alive and living in Lincoln. Most

recently spotted in Ryman's near

Louth. Would be 122. May

have shaved off moustache.

Approach with caution.

'Tiny Man'

Aka the 'Sisters of No Mercy'.

Thought to have died during

Berlin blitz. Actually living in

blah and blah and blah. Last

seen Scratchwood

Services Junction 4

of M1, 1992. Master of


Adolf Hitler

After decades of silence

new evidence suggests the

Führer may have undergone

extensive plastic surgery

(see right) and be hiding

out near the Luton Arndale

Centre. Last seen

buying box files from

Ryman's. Known to be

shouty. Approach with

caution. PLEASE NOTE:

uncorroborated sighting.

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