Nazi Hunting: A Short History

Stop right there, Nazi

From the early 1920 s Germany's National Socialist party (aka The NAZIS) became a force to be reckoned with. They like blondes but hated Jews, gays and 'weirdos'. Unfortunately a certain Adolf Hitler was made chancellor in 1933 and destroyed the democratic process. The rest is history (and a pretty grim one).

After WWII most Nazis escaped*. Many fled to South America. Some killed themselves via poisoning and self-suffocation while a few remained in Europe, opening shops or working as doctors, chemists, accountants, architects and doctors.

One man determined to seek them out was Simon Wiesenthal, the Austrian Nazi Hunter who discovered Adolf Eichmann. Si was an inspiration. We spoke on the phone most days. He called me his "ears and eyes". Si died in 2005. Today I follow in his esteemed Yiddish footsteps.

Due to a legal loophole many of the last surviving Nazis are today living in Bedfordshire, south England. This is both immoral and totally wrong. With your help (see "HELP") we can root them out together.

* CIA World Factbook figures