About Alan Stoob

NAME: Alan Logan Stoob

JOB: Britain's Premier Nazi Hunter™

ADDRESS: Classified

WORST NAZI: Without question Hitler - the man who began it all.

WHY HUNT NAZIS: To do something good in an otherwise evil world.

CAR: Vauxhall Omega 1997. Like me it doesn't draw attention to itself.

BIGGEST SCALP: Watch this space.

DEATH PENALTY FOR OR AGAINST: Against, save for genocide and the murder of a policeman/woman/dog.

TOP TIP: Always carry a note book and/or string.

TWITTER: @nazihunteralan

FAVOURITE PERSON: My wife, Edame, from the Netherlands. In my experience women are far stronger than men (apart from Geoff Capes).

HOW CAN YOU HELP: If you see a Nazi war criminal in your local area get in touch. Remember: they are unlikely to be goose stepping or theiving gold. As a smokescreen some may even pretend to be Jewish or communist.