Help required

As Britain's Premier Nazi Hunter I receive immense pleasure from my work. It rarely feels like a job. Mostly it's just fun.

But it's not easy, especially now that my eyesight is failing, my angina worsening and my osteoporosis advancing - not to speak of other problems 'down below'. I spend most mornings hunting Nazis but more often than not I have to come home in the afternoon and take a nap.

At 81 it’s tough being the man who sees everything. I have to accept that

this is no longer my role. In short I need your help.


1) Is there a German with a funny walk in your neighbourhood?

2) Do you live below a former commandant?

3) Are you yourself a Nazi?

Whoever you are and whatever you’ve seen I want to hear from you.

Please visit the ‘Contact' page on this Internet website, which my grandson Haden designed for me.


Alan (76)